Meet SET & Ziggy

Hello everyone

my name is Ziggy (Siggi) Schachner and my vocation is to free myself and support others in doing the same.

From my earliest memories this urge for freedom made me escape my crib at midday naps, running away from home into the forests by the age of four and spending nights under the stars instead of learning for school.

Later on I realized that freedom meant more than being able to do what I want and when I want it. My personal journey for freedom started to involve others. Relationships with lovers and my family showed me how dependent and unfree I really was.

So I decided to search for „ultimate freedom“ and soon found all the areas where I was NOT FREE AT ALL.

I attended dozens of courses and seminars, read many books, started meditation, Tantra, Yoga, KungFu, experimented with lucid dreaming and mind altering substances, etc. I switched from being a sales manager in a silicon valley based computer company to a Trance DJ, travelled the world for seven years, etc…- and of course it was freeing me up – but only partially.

As soon as I investigated deeply what TRUE FREEDOM means I understood that what I really wanted to be free from was fear.

Fear of being alone, jealous, dependent, not wanted, ridiculous, unimportant, silly, boring, sick, ugly, not worth, …


That was about 15 years ago and I decided to fight fear and anxiety for once and for all! That time I started with my own personal training on an energetic, transpersonal, deep-psychological and integral-systemic level. Since ten years now I work with people as a life coach and also train students to become coaches and life coaches themselves.

With time and experience I discovered that ULTIMATE FREEDOM MEANS TO BE IN PEACE WITH THE REALITY OF THE PRESENT MOMENT AS IT IS, no matter where, or with whom, and even if I like it or not. No matter whatever story i might tell myself about the experience of this unique moment.

To make this level of freedom available to others is exactly what we offer here! Our vision is to invite you to free yourself as well. We encourage you to use our life experience in that field so that you only take the best and very working elements and possibly, leave out all the – partially painful and hard – aberrations on the quest for true freedom.

It is my deep intention to inspire you to live your pure potential and to assist you on the way to evolve to your true being.

With love and respect



Meet Ziggy

In my twenties I was working 6 years as a sales manager in an American computer company based in silicon valley CA.

Studied Shaolin KungFu and Chi Kung, was an alpine skiing racer, travelled the world for seven years and lived for a while from being an international trance DJ.

Studied all over the world different techniques of body-, constellation- and energy work. Attended all kind of transformative processes and many retreats like Vipassana, Authentic Movement Therapy, TCM and Medicine work.

Later in my thirties I made degrees in:

  • systemic life coaching,
  • psycho-social counseling,
  • deep psychological and existential psychotherapy (2 years),
  • systemic-spiritual constellation work,
  • systemic- integral coaching
  • counseling
  • supervision

Since four years I am training people to become life coaches and trainers and offer private coaching and counseling in my home in Eichgraben/Austria. I am co-founder of RealityCheck and longtime friend and project partner of Constantin Cranz.

One fear left for me was the fear of heights which often stopped me in my passion as a mountaineer. So 3 years ago I started to become a sports climber which in the meantime became one of my passions my life.

I live in a very fulfilling partnership with my mate Annie and have two amazing kids Tara and Celio who enrich my life even more